PHARMA EDUCATION Organizing Committee

Pawan Saharan

Founder CEO Biomix Network Inc. USA & Biomix Network Limited
Biomix Network Inc. USA & Biomix Network Limite

Biography: Dr. Pawan Saharan, with a vision to provide Health for all, Invented W ReadMore...

Research Interest: Dr. Saharan created the first truly Nano-Bio-IT Helix via in ReadMore...

Mircea Ciuca

Global Head of Medical & Clinical Drug Safety at Vifor Pharma

Biography: Mircea Ciuca, MD is currently Global Head of Medical & Clinical Drug S ReadMore...

Research Interest: Clinical Drug Safety, clinical practice,Pharmacovigilance

Dongfeng Tan

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Biography: After graduating from Tongji Medical University in Wuhan in 1983, Dr. ReadMore...

Research Interest: Solid tumors, investigating potential biomarkers to assess s ReadMore...

Nachum Dafny

The University of Texas Health Science Center

Biography: Dr. Dafny received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Hadassah Medical Sc ReadMore...

Research Interest: Pain suppression and electro-acupuncture, and drug abuse mec ReadMore...

John Higgins

Senior Director

Biography: John received a BS in biochemistry from Albright College and his Ph.D. ReadMore...

Research Interest: Organic, solid state & medicinal chemistry and drug delivery

Tirasak Pasharawipas

Rangsit University

Biography: Tirasak completed his Ph.D. from Faculty of Microbiology, Mahidol Univ ReadMore...

Research Interest: Viral and cellular interaction, bacteriophage, viral disease ReadMore...

Yavuz Selim SILAY

Istanbul Consulting Group

Biography: Yavuz is the chairman of Istanbul Consulting Group. ICG(Istanbul Consu ReadMore...

Research Interest: Clinical Research

Dimitris Drikakis

University of Nicosia

Biography: Prof. Dimitris Drikakis is Associate Principal & Executive Dean (Engin ReadMore...

Research Interest: Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Fluid mechanics (particu ReadMore...

Pietro Mastroeni

University of Cambridge
United Kingdom

Biography: 1990. Doctor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Messina, Ita ReadMore...

Research Interest: Pathology

Alain L Fymat

President/CEO and Professor
International Institute of Medicine and Science

Biography: Alain L Fymat is a medical-physical scientist and an educator who was ReadMore...

Research Interest: His current research interests lie at the interface between ReadMore...

Wei-Chiang Shen

University of Southern California School of Pharmacy

Biography: Wei-Chiang Shen is currently John A. Biles Professor in Pharmaceutical ReadMore...

Research Interest: Pharmaceutics, Drug Deivery, Controlled Release

Shawn Yin

Senior Principal Scientis
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Biography: Shawn (Xiaotian) Yin received his Ph. D. in Solid-State Chemistry from ReadMore...

Research Interest: Formulation, Drug Delivery, Drug Development

Volkmar Weissig

President of World Mitochondria Society
Midwestern University

Biography: Volkmar Weissig, Sc.D., Ph.D. is a Tenured Full Professor of Pharmacol ReadMore...

Research Interest: Dr. Weissig’s major research interests lie in the areas of ReadMore...

Vladimir Torchilin

Director, Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Nanomedicine Editor-in-Chief, Drug Delivery Editor-in-Chief, Current Drug Discovery Technologies Editor-in-Chief, OpenNano
Northeastern University

Biography: Vladimir P. Torchilin is a University Distinguished Professor and Dire ReadMore...

Research Interest: Dr. Torchilin is with Northeastern University. He was the Ch ReadMore...

Hyungil Jung

Yonsei University
South Korea

Biography: Professor Hyungil Jung has completed his Ph.D. from Cornell University ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biotechnology

Janina-Miriam Noy

The University of New South Wales

Biography: Janina has completed her Bachelor and Master degree in Düsseldorf (Ge ReadMore...

Research Interest: drug-delivery systems

Shayan F Lahiji

Yonsei University
South Korea

Biography: Shayan F Lahiji has completed his BS and MS from Yonsei University (So ReadMore...

Research Interest: Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery Systems

Ilayda Acaroglu Degitz

Yeditepe University

Biography: Ilayda Acaroglu Degitz has completed her MsC from Yildiz Technical Uni ReadMore...

Research Interest: Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems, nanoparticles, magnet ReadMore...